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Travis and I met in 2007. Travis grew up hunting and introduced me to hunting the fall of 2007. Getting to take me hunting was so exciting for him everything was so new to me. I shot in high school archery league was very good at it. We got our first Labrador Retriever in 2008. Jack was the center of our world. He was an amazing dog very smart and so willing to please.
Travis and I got married in 2011 and welcomed our first child in 2012 and our second child in 2015. We have centered our world around our girls. Travis and I loves teaching them about hunting the proper use of our tools and how to work the dogs. Our girls are with us all the time soaking in all our knowledge and skills.
We had kicked around the idea of making our passion into something more and in 2017 we decided to take the plunge and make it happen
Travis and I love teaching and sharing our passion of the outdoors dogs hunting and conservation. The best part is connecting people to our passion. The look on people's faces when they get out in the blind and the birds start flying is like nothing we have ever seen. Helping people try something new is truly something we love.
I took the step of breeding after having our first two labs pass away or get their lives cut short from issues that could have been avoided by testing and breeding with a purpose. I promote breeding completely healthy dogs. My small but strict breeding program consisted of 3 females with exceptional backgrounds and genetic testing for recessive issues that labs carry. My adults all have passing OFA or PENN Hip testing. As of right now I contract for stud service to tested studs. I breed this way so that I can help the Labrador Retriever breed get rid of these horrible genetic issues. I work very hard to connect the right pup to the right person. We are hoping to add training on at some point.

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