Contract infomation

All Puppies and Dogs Sold By Copper Creek Kennel Come With:
  • Vet check by certified veterinarian
  • Health records 30 month health guarantee  a 2 year hip and eye guarantee and a 5 year free puppy replacement guarantee on any non-environmental issues (IE- untestable congenital issues genetic cancers etc.)
  • Dew claws removed
  • Microchipped
  • AKC registration papers ( limited or full depending on contract)
  • First shots heart guard and dewormed (2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks)
  • 24 hour help or answers to questions on you new family member.
Buyer Responsibility outline
  • Cannot hold breeder responsible for damages settlements liability judgements or injuries caused by the dog or puppy.
  • It’s the buyer’s responsibility to train handle and work with the dog. Temperament of dog is not the breeders responsibility after the pup leaves their possession
  • To not abuse or neglect puppy or dog in any manner
  • Breeder recommends obedience or puppy classes
  • Breeder provides dewormer at 2 4 6 and 8 weeks and first set of shots and heartguard. It’s the buyers responsibility to get the rest i.e. boosters and Rabies
Holding agreement
A 200 dollar deposit is required to hold your puppy. The seller assigns the buyer the guarantee that the puppy will not be sold to any other party then the deposit holder as long as buyer adheres to the puppy pickup guidelines. The 200 dollar deposit is nonrefundable and will be applied to the purchase price of the puppy when the buyer assumes physical possession of assigned puppy. Seller takes cash money order or cashier check for payment no personal checks. Remainder of payment on puppy is due at pick up or before shipping of assigned puppy. Payment at pick up time is cash money order, NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT ANYTIME.
Pick up of Your Puppy
Your assigned puppy needs to be picked up between 8 and 9 weeks of age. If you have not made arrangements prior to pick up Copper Creek has the right to void the contract, resell puppy and keep the nonrefundable deposit. If prior arrangements have been made these will be noted in the puppy contract made between Copper Creek and the buyer. All fees for puppy must be made before puppy will be released to buyer. Shipping is available to buyer for additional fees. Puppies though will not be shipped until 8 weeks of age.
Puppies are to be in good condition for the first 72 hours after the time of the purchaser assumes physical possession of the puppy. The buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian at the buyer’s expense with in the first week of possession of puppy. If any serious physical issues like hip dysplasia by certification of OFA the puppy or dog (5YRS) IS TO BE RETURNED TO THE BREEDER FOR A REPLACMENT PUPPY FROM A FURTURE LITTER OF THE BUYERS CHOICE AT NO TIME WILL A CASH REFUND BE MADE FOR A PUPPY. Viral bacteria colds or infections such as Coccidian or Giardia (bloody stools) are illnesses that can be treated by medication from your vet. It is important to contact breeder and take puppy in for treatment from a vet. These things are not covered by the health guarantee. Umbilical hernias or outie belly buttons are also not covered by the health contracts. From the stress of moving from litter to new home is kennel cough( a raspy cough (Bordetella)) which is a common issue from the stress of moving also short depression lack of appetite for first 48 hours if persists contact vet. All puppies get first set of shorts for distemper parvo corona, also are treated for worms and coccidia prior to leaving Copper Creek Kennel. Loose stools for longer than 48 hours should be addressed with your vet. But please keep Copper Creek Kennel in the loop. Copper Creek Kennel gives a 2 year HIP Guarantee that covers genetic or hereditary disease known as Hip Dysplasia also a 2 year EYE guarantee and that would be checked at the U of M test is known as CERF. Copper Creek reserves the right to deny any payment on any illness of a puppy stated in this contract.
If your puppy doesn’t pass an OFA test on suspicion of Hip Dysplasia (severe) between 20 to 25 months. Purchaser is to spay or neuter unless already done buyer has the right to hand dog over to breeder to rehome or buyer can keep dog as a pet or companion. Breeder will then give buyer a credit for a new puppy from litter of choice. At no time will cash be given to buyer. Proof of issue and spay or neuter needs to be sent to breeder before credit will be given for a replacement. If purchase price of new puppy is more than the credit given difference much is made by buyer.
Copper Creek Kennel reserves the right to get a second option on and diagnosis made on said puppy by vet or specialist of the Kennels choice at the buyer’s expense. Note not all vets are trained to do OFA certification x rays. We suggest calling around to find a vet that is certified to perform an OFA certification x ray exam before having procedure done. These results will be sent to another vet or OFA or OFC agency for best reading results.
The buyer shall provide proper nutrition vet care shelter and exercise. Seller had right to ask for proof and ask to see said dog at any time to check on status of dogs health and condition. If dog is neglected or mistreated seller has the right to get dog back and not give refund. Seller must be able to show proof of vet checks and immunization on said dogs or puppies. All our puppies should be getting fresh water food and excessive daily. If dogs are kept outside must have shelter from heat and cold and dry place to sleep. It’s not a right to have a dog it’s a privilege. Copper Creek does not tolerate abuse or neglect of the animals we raise. We ask that you properly socialize puppies after the appropriate age and after all immunizations are given. Failure to do so can have negative impacts of owner and dog. Obedience classes or proper training is recommended before one year of age. Please feel free to drop us a line with any questions.
5 year guarantee all criteria must be met before pup or dog will be replaced. Dog must have gotten fed an approved dog food vet checks and immunization record. Approved vet must provide information showing that issues with dog or puppy is not an environmental issue or issue made but owner error. Unforeseen issues like early age cancer cataracts tumors digestive problems, extreme allergies or genetic issues not covered in already tested panel. Copper Creek reserves the right to ask for all info needed to make a determination on replacing the dog or puppy. Under this guarantee we also ask you feed your dog an approved dogfood and normal quality care for your puppy or dog. If Copper Creek Kennel feels that this was something that was not caused by an environmental issue or an accident to the dog within reason Copper Creek Kennel will replace the dog or puppy. Copper Creek Kennel reserves the right to approve or deny this replacement guarantee. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
First Right to Recovery
If unable to care for dog or puppy Copper Creek Reserves the right to get the puppy or dog back at the buyer’s expense. The price of the dog is nonrefundable. This includes but is not limited to the buyer privately selling the dog or puppy euthanizing the dog or puppy, surrendering the dog or puppy to a humane society or shelter. With this agreement Copper Creek is not held responsible for any damages issues (physical, emotional or economical). Rehoming dog or puppy without approval from Copper Creek is a breach of contract and can have legal affects. All paperwork must be returned with puppy or dog. If Copper Creek oks rehoming of dog new papers will be drawn up for parties to sign.

All puppies are sold with AKC registration papers either limited or full unless contracted otherwise. Copper Creek Kennel will require the buyer provide a statement for the vet proving that your puppy has been spayed or neutered by age 18 months with limited registry or health issues unless otherwise contracted.