Puppy bought under this is not intended for breeding or showing. THESE PUPPIES ARE INTENDED FOR FAMILY OR HUNTING PARTNERS. These puppies are to be spayed or neutered per contract to drop the likelihood of breeding accidently. Copies of these needs to be sent to Copper Creek Kennel by age 2 of the dog. If not done this will void the contract and Copper Creek can ask for dog back without refund or replacement. All 30 month health guarantees on hips and eyes still apply with all limited registry puppies. We still reserve the right to ask for second opinion at owner’s expense. As with other Copper creek will replace pup with one of equal value NO CASH REFUNDS.
If buyer breeds Limited registry dog from Copper Creek that will void contract and gives Copper Creek the right to pursue court charges at buyer’s expense. Breeding is not outlined in our limited registry contract; doing so will void the contract and create unregistered puppies. This will also void all contract guarantees.
We do not guarantee the ability of the puppies. We also advise on training courses and seeking advice of a professional if puppy is bought for service or hunting.

If puppy is bought for breeding prospect the breeder guarantees against hip dysplasia with an OFA/ OVC rating of fair better or excellent up to 25 months. Eyes will also be guaranteed to pass the CERF test by 25 months. All vaccinations will have to be current and documented by a licensed vet. Must also have a copy of the specialist written report on any genetic issues but the breeder reserves the right to get a second opinion for another vet or specialist of the breeder’s choice at the buyer’s expense.
When breeding by signing this document you state the dog will be at least 2 years of age and have all proper vetting (i.e. immunizations, health clearance etc.). The dog must rate fair or higher on the OFA test and have no other issues. 
If at any time around 25 months the said dog doesn’t pass OFA CERF tests and breeder is fine with the vets recommendation Copper Creek will replace breeding prospect with an equivalent puppy. Copper Creek will only replace a puppy once. NO CASH REFUNDS. Original dog MUST be spayed or neuter. Copper Creek is not responsible or liable for any vet bills income loss surgery or any bills related to the lack of being able to breed the puppy.
Buyer is responsible to meet all criteria set forth by kennel and AKC, or the dog must be spayed or neutered. By selling or buying breeding quality dogs we want to better and maintain the breed not degrade or misrepresent the breed.
If buying for show prospect all guarantees mentioned above for breeding apply for show quality however there is no guarantee that said puppy will win in the show ring we do not guarantee this.
If buyer breeds whether it’s accidently or deliberately before outlined above is met this will void contract and Copper Creek has the right to regain possession of said dog. *** if you choose to breed said dog before 2 years of age and without clearance or to a kennel without merit or a non AKC kennel without permission from Copper Creek we reserve the right to take said buyer to court for breach of contract buyer will be responsible for all court costs as well. NO EXCEPTIONS... Copper Creek Kennel prides on providing healthy registered breed worth dogs and we don’t want anything less for the Breed.