Our Journey with Labs

I (Kelsey) have grown up with an array of dogs from Dachshunds to Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds. i got my first lab at the end of high school. Jack was an amazing dog. i rescued him from a shelter he was the last of a litter of 8 found in a box behind a grocery store. i could not do anything wrong in his eyes and he was my everything. Travis and I trained and worked with Jack really hard. he loved to retrieve and hunt with us even though he hated gun shots. as he got older we found he had so many issues. from congenital issues to genetic issues. Jack lived to be 11 he lost his fight with caner right after his 11th birthday.

i did a lot of research knowing i didn't want anything else in my house but a lab. i found a handful of breeders across the country testing for a panel of genetic issues. so i dug and found Kim at Vikings and she tested all her dogs to get rid of any of the genetic issues in her kennel. we got Copper from her.

Shortly after Copper while mowing one summer day i watched one of the most heartless human acts i have ever seen. we live in the country and people dump dogs here all the time but i watched a person push a older in horrible shape male chocolate lab out of the side door of a mini van down from our house. i jumped into action and cleaned him up. Duke was in horrible shape from his coat to his ears to his teeth. i spend the entire summer cleaning him up and getting him to where he should be nice shiny coat. his ears were so infected it ate his eardrums into nothing. we gave him the best 2 years of his life. he passed away peacefully. since the rescue of Duke i took in rehabbed and re homed a number of lab and lab mixes Dexter being the last he will live out his life here per contract. he is retired and gets to do the things he loves swim and take long walks in the woods.

we have had some amazing dogs pass through our hands through the years and we couldn't be more fortunate to have the group we have now! with my background in animal health as well it really has helped to get a good group of both American (field bred) and English (show bred) Labs in our program.