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we strive to produce the best hunting experience out there!! Come check out our hunting partners and products. Theres nothing like a Copper Creek puppy!

Maggie "Caverns & Coppercreeks Magnolia" was bred July 13th and 14th to Deke "Brandywines Handcrafted Decoy".
This will be an amazing hunting litter message us for more information 

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hard work and dedication to both of the breeds we have in our kennel pays off in great companions family members and hunting partners. ask us today about our upcoming litters, how to get on our wait list or to learn more about the breeds or the dogs in our kennel!
Myself Kelsey grew up in a house showing hounds,but had always had my eye on the labs. In my middle school years I picked up archerys and gained alot of confidence in shooting. It wasn't until my high-school years when I met Travis I got into hunting that the push became harder to get a lab.
In 2007 Travis and I adopted our first lab Jack from a local shelter,  our love and passion for labs ignited! Jack became the center of our world.
Along the way we've had Copper Duke Cedar Mocha and the recent loss of Dexter. Every one of these dogs overlapping growing and furthering our love our passion and knowledge. Some of these dogs showing us how to better our selves as well as our testing and breeding program!
In recent years after taking a good co worker friend of mine shooting and then duck hunting did the idea to open up a guide service come into play. This coming from word spreading about how much fun she had and all she learned from us! In recent years (2020) we added Maggie the little brown curly mop of a puppy to our gang of hunting dogs Maggie being a Boykin Spaniel. This little Brown Dog LBD for short with a huge personality changed our lives and gang for ever! Since then we added Ember and kept Dixie Maggie baby from 2022.

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Travis Winter

Co owner and Operator

Head Waterfowl guide product producer.

Kelsey Winter

Co owner and Operator

kennel operator and dog caretaker. creator of all sold products and secondary guide in hunts. also runs all the companies social media


Main hunting dog

Zeke is an amazing Retriever he came from Soggy Acres Retrievers out of Delevan Wisconsin. Zeke is a retrieving machine and produces some great pups. OFA HIPS Good OFA ELBOWS Normal Genetic Testing Centronuclear Myopathy Clear Degenerative Myelopathy, DM Clear Exercise-Induced Collapse Clear Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis Clear Hyperuricosuria and Hyperuricemia or Urolithiasis, Clear Macular Corneal Dystrophy, MCD Clear Narcolepsy Clear Progressive Retinal Atrophy, prcd Clear Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency Clear Skeletal Dysplasia 2, SD2 Clear Achromatopsia Clear Alexander Disease Clear Canine Elliptocytosis Clear Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome Clear Golden Retriever Progressive Retinal Atrophy 2, Clear Myotubular Myopathy 1, X-linked Myotubular Myopathy Clear Progressive Retinal Atrophy - crd4/cord1 Clear Ulrich-like Congenital Muscular Dystrophy Clear COAT COLOR Black and Chocolate non dilute


In training

Lindi is a Pup from our 2020 litter that came back after her daddy was unable to care for her due to some health issues! she will be getting her health testing done and ran thru some training to enter in as a hunting dog! PENDING OFA HIPS AND ELBOWS AND GENETIC TESTING


Hunting dog in Training

Hoss is from our last litter out of Pearl Sired from Zeke this guy is got his dads hunting ability and is well underway. Hoss is coming of age and will be tested here this spring!


Hunting and Tracking

Maggie is a very well bred Boykin Spaniel. the breed is all American and bred to hunt in the swamps of the Carolinas they are dubbed The little dog that wont rock the boat. and that she is a little dog that doesn't rock the boat. OFA HIPS good OFA ELBOWS Normal OFA JUVINILE CATERACTS Clear OFA CARDIAC Clear Normal GENETIC TESTING Collie Eye Anomaly, Choroidal Hypoplasia, CEA Carrier non affected Degenerative Myelopathy, DM Clear Exercise-Induced Collapse Clear Glycogen storage disease Type VII, Phosphofructokinase Deficiency, PFK Deficiency Clear Progressive Retinal Atrophy - crd4/cord1 Clear Progressive Retinal Atrophy, prcd Clear


In training

Ember will be an all around dog! Hunting and tracking will be her main focus. OFA HIPS Good OFA ELBOWS Normal OFA JUVINILE CATERACTS Clear OFA CARDIAC pending GENETIC TESTING Collie Eye Anomaly, Choroidal Hypoplasia, CEA pending Degenerative Myelopathy, DM Pending Exercise-Induced Collapse Pending Glycogen storage disease Type VII, Phosphofructokinase Deficiency, PFK Deficiency Pending Progressive Retinal Atrophy - crd4/cord1 Pending Progressive Retinal Atrophy, prcd Pending


Hunting dog in training

Dixie is the newest Boykin on the block! She is from Maggie's 2022 litter she will be trained for all aspects in the kennel! OFA TESTING HIPS ELBOWS testing after July OFA testing for eyes and Cardio are pending official documents genetic testing is pending


hunting training and memorial products

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Guided services

guided waterfowl hunts tracking and other guide services upon special request

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Labrador Retrievers

dogs and puppies free and clear of all testable genetic issues and parents OFA tested

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training that fits you and your dog personalized help from Kelsey that fits your lifestyle and dog.

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Boykin Spaniels

Triple registered high quality Boykin Spaniel puppies fully health tested and bred to BSS standards

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  • Lots of hard work is paying off!!!!
we are still hard at work creating and upgrading all our products if you are looking for cups dog bowls leashes collars call lanyards ash keepsakes or anything in between message us and we can make it!
Labrador Retriever:

The sturdy, well-balanced Labrador Retriever can, depending on the sex, stand from 21.5 to 24.5 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 55 to 80 pounds. The dense, hard coat comes in yellow, black, and a luscious chocolate. The head is wide, the eyes glimmer with kindliness, and the thick, tapering “otter tail” seems to be forever signaling the breed’s innate eagerness. Labs are famously friendly. They are companionable housemates who bond with the whole family, and they socialize well with neighbor dogs and humans alike. But don’t mistake his easygoing personality for low energy: The Lab is an enthusiastic athlete that requires lots of exercise, like swimming and marathon games of fetch, to keep physically and mentally fit. Above all, a Labrador Retriever must be well balanced, enabling it to move in the show ring or work in the field with little or no effort. The typical Labrador possesses style and quality without over refinement, and substance without lumber or cloddiness. The Labrador is bred primarily as a working gun dog; structure and soundness are of great importance.

NOTE: the only difference between an English(show) and an American (field) Lab are simply explained as a difference in body build size and temperament. English or show bred are short stocky and broadly built they are usually more laid back and easy going, their American or Field bred are usually taller and skinier built they tend to have more energy and are more forward then the English bred labs


The Labrador Retriever is the traditional waterdog of Newfoundland, long employed as a duck retriever and fisherman’s mate. The breed began its steady climb to supreme popularity in the early 1800s, when Labs were spotted by English nobles visiting Canada. These sporting earls and lords returned to England with fine specimens of “Labrador dogs.” (Exactly how these dogs of Newfoundland became associated with Labrador is unclear, but the name stuck.) During the latter half of the 19th century, British breeders refined and standardized the breed.
The physical and temperamental breed traits, so familiar today to millions of devotees around the world, recall the Lab’s original purpose. A short, dense, weather-resistant coat was preferred because during a Canadian winter longhaired retrievers would be encrusted with ice when coming out of the water. In its ancestral homeland, a Lab would be assigned to a fishing boat to retrieve the fish that came off the trawl. Accordingly, in addition to having natural instincts as a retriever, the dog required a coat suited to the icy waters of the North Atlantic.
The Lab’s thick, tapering tail—an “otter tail,” it’s called— serves as a powerful rudder, constantly moving back and forth as the dog swims and aids the dog in turning. As for the breed’s characteristic temperament, it is as much a hallmark of the breed as the otter tail. “The ideal disposition is one of a kindly, outgoing, tractable nature; eager to please and nonagressive towards man or animal,” the breed standard says. “The Labrador has much that appeals to people; his gentle ways, intelligence and adaptability make him an ideal dog.” When defining a Lab’s primary attributes, the most important might be temperament since his utility depends on his disposition. “If a dog does not possess true breed temperament,” wrote a noted dog judge, “he is not a Labrador.”
The Kennel Club (England) recognized the Lab in 1903, and the AKC registered its first dog of the breed in 1917. Labs topped AKC registrations for the first time in 1991 and has reigned as America’s favorite breed ever since.

Boykin Spaniel:

Boykins are medium-sized spaniels, larger and rangier than Cockers but more compact than Springers. The breed’s hallmark is a beautiful solid-brown coat. Colors range from a rich liver to a luscious chocolate. The large, feathery ears hang close to the cheeks, setting off an expression of soulful intelligence. Bred to work in the lakes and swamps of their native South Carolina, web-toed Boykins can swim like seals. For years, Boykins were known only to hunters of Carolina waterfowl and wild turkey. But lately, the wider world has discovered that the Boykin is as delightful at home as he is eager at the lake. “They are very, very sweet dogs to have around the family,” a longtime owner says, “but an absolute tiger in the field.”
The Boykin Spaniel was developed in South Carolina, USA as a medium-sized sporting dog with a docked tail. The breed is built to cover all types of ground conditions with agility and reasonable speed. Size and weight were essential in development of the breed as these hunting companions needed to be lighter and smaller than their larger sporting dog cousins to fit in the portable section boats of the time period. As a result, the Boykin Spaniel came to be known as “the little brown dog that doesn’t rock the boat”. Being a hunting dog, he should be exhibited in hard muscled working condition. His coat should not be so excessive as to hinder his work as an active flushing spaniel, but should be thick enough to protect him from heavy cover and weather. The Boykin Spaniel is primarily a working gun dog; structure and soundness are of great importance.

The Boykin Spaniel is among the handful of AKC breeds wholly developed in the 20th century. Boykin is a small South Carolina community, population approximately 100 souls, named for a founding resident, Lemuel Whitaker “Whit” Boykin. As the Boykin Spaniel origin story goes, around 1900 a man named Alexander White found a little brown spaniel outside the church in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where he attended services. White gave the young male spaniel the uninspiring name Dumpy. An avid sportsman, White took Dumpy out hunting with his retrievers, and to White’s delight Dumpy showed great enthusiasm and instincts for water retrieves and more than held his own with the pedigreed bird dogs.
White sent Dumpy for training to his hunting partner, community patriarch Whit Boykin, who was the area’s leading dog man. Boykin was fascinated with the brown spaniel, who turned out to be as skillful on flushing and retrieving wild turkeys as he was at duck hunting. Boykin built a new breeding program around Dumpy, utilizing crosses to such breeds as the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Cocker, English Springer, and American Water spaniels. The result was the upbeat gundog we know today as the Boykin Spaniel.
From the breed’s beginning, sportsmen working Carolina’s swampy terrain were enamored of the breed’s intensity, versatility, and effortless balanced gait. The Boykin’s popularity was for years restricted to the immediate area of its birth. Eventually, though, the Boykin caught on with bird hunters around the country, especially on the East Coast. The keys to the breed’s success were its unbridled energy in the field, the ability to work on land or lake, and a sweet, gentle manner at home.
South Carolinians have made the Boykin Spaniel their official state dog and celebrate September 1 as Boykin Spaniel Day. The Boykin gained full AKC recognition in 2009, joining the elite assembly of the AKC’s “all-American” dog breeds.
ALPHA DOG  image

Woo-hoo we are so excited to be partnering with Alpha Dog Nutrition! Really great products for the 4 legged athlete! we have been so happy with the Alpha dog line of products it starts our pups off right, it keeps our you and older dogs healthy and thier joints tummies coats feet ect looking great! not to mention it was created by someone wanting something better for his 4 legged hunting partner! if you have any questions want to know more about the products or which ones may be a good one to start with feel free to ask us we are more then willing to answer and and all questions about the product! For all of our followers want to order these great products! We have a coupon code: Coppercreek15 to get 15%off your order!
Products they offer are!
Free Range joint supplement
Vitality omega 3
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Resurgence hydration and recovery
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Immunity allergies and immune system support 
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here is a general overview of what you get when you purchase a Copper Creek Puppy.
  • each one of our females and males we use have been put through genetic testing as well as OFA testing, so we know we are producing health puppies for you and your family. we do not breed any dogs that are effected by any genetic issues.
  • each puppy is sent home with dewclaws removed Boykin get tails docked, de wormed at 2 4 6 and 8 weeks, first set of shots, boosters and first vet check, parents pedigree, started on heart guard, and a puppy starter pack (starter bag of food, a toy with litter smell on it and a blanket), Alpha Dog Nutrition Optipup, along with a copy of our contract and page of coupon codes
  • we strive to give the best pups out there and we are confident in them that we send each pup home with a 30 month health guarantee. If any unforseen congenital or genetic disease is diagnosed in one of our puppies we will replace the puppy with a pup of like value
  • each pup is handled from day one and exposed to lots of sights sounds and smells by eight weeks. 
  • our puppies are raised in home with us and are handled by adults as well as children and are around other dogs and cats.
here is what to expect when you bring a new puppy home 
  • adjustment can be stressful on these little guys and gals. depression not eating and some diarrhea is normal. if it persists for more then a couple days please contact your vet
  • you will need to make a potty schedule a good rule of thumb is every two hours some times more frequently
  • potty after wake up and after meal time 
  • there can be some crying and whimpering
  • when you buy a Copper Creek pup we are here for each new puppy parent for questions and concerns to help you navigate this crazy but super fun adventure!
we currently do not have any puppies but we do have planned litters for the 2024 season please message us with any questions or to get on the wait list!