Travis Winter

Co owner and Operator

Head Waterfowl guide product producer.

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Kelsey Winter

Co owner and Operator

kennel operator and dog caretaker. creator of all sold products and secondary guide in hunts. also runs all the companies social media

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Main hunting dog

Zeke is an amazing Retriever he came from Soggy Acres Retrievers out of Delevan Wisconsin. Zeke is a retrieving machine and produces some great pups


In training

Lindi is a Pup from our 2020 litter that came back after her daddy was unable to care for her due to some health issues! she will be getting her health testing done and ran thru some training to enter in as a hunting dog!


Hunting dog in Training

Hoss is from our last litter out of Pearl Sired from Zeke this guy is got his dads hunting ability and is well underway


Hunting and Tracking

Maggie is a very well bred Boykin Spaniel. the breed is all American and bred to hunt in the swamps of the Carolinas they are dubbed The little dog that wont rock the boat. and that she is a little dog that doesn't rock the boat.


In training

Ember will be an all around dog! Hunting and tracking will be her main focus

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Hunting dog in training

Dixie is the newest Boykin on the block! She is from Maggie's July litter she will be trained for all aspects in the kennel!