Myself Kelsey grew up in a house showing hounds,but had always had my eye on the labs. In my middle school years I picked up archerys and gained alot of confidence in shooting. It wasn't until my high-school years when I met Travis I got into hunting that the push became harder to get a lab.
In 2007 Travis and I adopted our first lab Jack from a local shelter,  our love and passion for labs ignited! Jack became the center of our world.
Along the way we've had Copper Duke Cedar Mocha and the recent loss of Dexter. Every one of these dogs overlapping growing and furthering our love our passion and knowledge. Some of these dogs showing us how to better our selves as well as our testing and breeding program!
In recent years after taking a good co worker friend of mine shooting and then duck hunting did the idea to open up a guide service come into play. This coming from word spreading about how much fun she had and all she learned from us! In recent years (2020) we added Maggie the little brown curly mop of a puppy to our gang of hunting dogs Maggie being a Boykin Spaniel. This little Brown Dog LBD for short with a huge personality changed our lives and gang for ever! Since then we added Ember and kept Dixie Maggie baby from 2022.

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